Choose Shades Republic. Choose Freedom.

Choose Your Sunglasses

In the Republic, we trust you know better than anyone what sunglasses you want.  That’s why Shades Republic lets you choose your sunglasses, 100% of the time.

100% UV Protection:
All of our sunglasses offer UV 400 protection, and select styles are polarized.

Choose Your Shipping Schedule

We only send you sunglasses when you actually want them.  That’s why Shades Republic lets you choose, and adjust your delivery frequency.  You can choose from every 1, 2, 3, or 6 months.

Adjust As You Go:
Speed up, slow down, or even opt-out of individual shipments at no additional cost or hassle.  That’s freedom.

Choose Freedom

Whether you want the same pair of sunglasses sent to you every few months, or you just want the freedom to switch up styles on the regular, Shades Republic puts the power in your hands.

Straightforward Pricing:
$12 for non-polarized sunglasses.  $15 for polarized sunglasses.  Free shipping. No membership fees. No regrets.


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